08 August, 1986

R8 Two Ravens (field sketch)

R8 Two Ravens (field sketch)
7x10" designers opaque on paper
Private collection

R8 Two Ravens (field sketch for R13 Nuclear Picnic): Painted outside, at the edge of our lawn. I was doing a lot of small watercolour scenes, very stylized, something I do every summer, as it is easy to carry watercolours with me outside or on holidays.

“Ravens,” she informed him. “In French you would say ‘corbeau’”. She stretched the word out with a throaty hesitation on the ‘r’. “They’re everywhere up here.”

Allan nodded, uninterested. He thought the birds were ugly. He made a mental frame around a few of them, trying to see a painting.

-Mary Weymark Goss (from the novel Raven)

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