08 May, 2009

A390 Token V (speckled bird)

A390 Token V (speckled bird)
10x8" acrylic and prisma colour on board
Private collection

The speckled birds appeared in a vivid dream after I finished chemo. I (dreamed I) was lying in bed, peacefully free of care and pain. A flock of colourful spotted birds sat on me and the blankets, cooing and chirping softly. It was just me and the birds, suspended in a blissful dreamscape.

Anomaly Series

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Anonymous said...

Your paintings and drawings are so comforting! They're like colorful hugs. The woman and the birds envelope each other in a relaxed understanding of being - of oneness. I feel so good when I look at them, yet I know there is something deeper. Something more than color and shape and rhythm. There is uncertainty. Uncertainty and yet, all is well.

Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving me such kind words. I will be visiting you often. You have so much to share.