15 June, 2009

A393 Token VI (caregiver)

A393 Token VI (caregiver)
10x8" acrylic and prisma colour on board
Private collection

The Token theme is about the almost magical moments and events in our lives, often repeating, that can become symbolic to us. When a crisis arises, these tokens seem to fall from the sky; someone takes care of us, or something or someone suddenly appears to make us smile. Something special happens, or something doesn't happen (also gratifying, in some cases). Sometimes we don't notice them, little golden bits in almost every day. A smile. A word. The plaintive song of a bird. Moments of peace.

If we were to make a pile of all the little tokens we have ever received or found and count them, it would be shocking to see how many we collect in our lives, and how easily they roll away to hide in drawers or under other things, how easily they become tarnished. But if we all made a stack of them, if would be a mighty tower. It would make us look up.

Anomaly Series


Anonymous said...

How true! Often we overlook or focus too much on the reverse. Our eyes and ears are connected to our inner person (our soul). How we nourish this amazing person within is through the tiny (bits) as you say of our days! deb

Jody said...

I came across your blog and this was the first one I felt compelled to leave a note b/c it struck me as quite insightful... then only to note that my dear aunt deb also thought so :)

Can't go wrong with having your sight fixed upward and outward. Beautiful paintings Mary! Keep well.

Jody Smith