27 June, 2009

Pagescape VI Reflecting

PageScape VI Reflecting
8.25x5" Prisma Colour pencils on hardcover novel

It was another hot day, though there was a breeze rustling the leaves and stirring up patterns in the lake. Deb and I sat in the screen house, sketching and talking about the ever-shifting shapes of our lives. Every day, something changes, and our perception changes. And some days, our understanding of things completely starts over.

The lake so familiar to us changes constantly, subtly, reflecting the myriad transformations around it, sky and forest and little people living on its shore. Light flashes off the water. For a moment, we are not sure what we see.


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Anonymous said...

Hi Mary, you have been wandering through my thoughts lately. The timeless moment you describe is one to greedily relish, an instant awareness of existence and place. Bliss!
Take care, Linda S.